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EAGLE FLIGHT Original Soundtrack

Tue October 18th

Ubisoft has released Inon’s original soundtrack for Eagle Flight™, a virtual reality game that sends players to the skies of Paris to experience the freedom of flying. Eagle Flight will be available on major VR platforms commencing October 2016. The digital soundtrack is available now via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Inon’s soaring and uplifting score for Eagle Flight combines ethnic influences, driving percussion and powerful orchestral writing, and features the ethereal voices of Aeralie Brighton and Mimi Page. Together they enhance the untouched world of deserted Paris.

“Inon’s immense creative energy is ever present in this score,” said Benedicte Ouimet, music supervisor. “He captures the thrill of flying and the awe of our poetic Paris with brio. Whether players soar or dive, chase or glide, Inon’s music will carry players through this beautiful VR adventure.”

Developed by FunHouse, a division of Ubisoft Montreal, the game lets players become an eagle and fly over Paris and its iconic landmarks, 50 years after humans have left. Nature has taken back the city, creating a rich playground and offering an incredible experience of flight and adventure.

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