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Thu April 6th

2017 Canadian Music Week

Inon joins top music supervisors at 2017 Canadian Music Week in Toronto, April 21.

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Mon April 3rd

SYBERIA 3 Music Preview

Preview 3 tracks from the original score: "Kate and the Youkols," "Valsembor's Lakeshore," and "Destiny Awaits."

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Mon March 6th

FALLOUT 4 Theme Piano Sheet Music

Official arrangement for piano solo of the Fallout 4 main theme.

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Wed February 8th

SYBERIA 3 Official Trailer

"Discover" the first trailer featuring Inon's music.

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Fri January 13th

GDC 2017: Originality Factor in FALLOUT Music

Inon to discuss the creative process behind the scores for the rich, open-world of FALLOUT 4 and its DLCs.

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