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Wed February 8th

SYBERIA 3 Official Trailer

"Discover" the first trailer featuring Inon's music.

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Fri January 13th

GDC 2017: Originality Factor in FALLOUT Music

Inon to discuss the creative process behind the scores for the rich, open-world of FALLOUT 4 and its DLCs.

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Tue October 18th

EAGLE FLIGHT Original Soundtrack

Ubisoft releases album for digital download and streaming.

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Mon July 11th


Ubisoft announces Inon as composer for VR game which lets you experience the freedom of flying!

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Fri July 8th

World Premieres of FALLOUT 4 Theme and Disney’s FANTASIA Suite with Los Angeles Jewish Symphony

Featuring a special appearance by Inon performing on piano the World Premiere of the FALLOUT 4 Main Theme with the LAJS!

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