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“Shelaya” single release

Fri April 19th

Sony Music Masterworks has revealed the track list for Inon’s forthcoming major label-debut album, Into the Stormnow available for pre-order in conjunction with the release of his next single release, “Shelaya” – featuring award-winning vocalist, Aubrey Ashburn (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2). Into the Storm will be available on June 7 from Sony Music Masterworks.

The new song and album are each inspired by the music Inon has composed for the Dragon Age franchise of games. The song’s guest vocalist, Ashley Auburn, has also previously been featured on Inon’s scores in the Dragon Age franchise.

“I’m so excited to share the second single from my upcoming album – Shelaya. This song was written during the time I composed the music for Dragon Age 2, which I decided not to release in the game, but rather to wait and dedicate it as a single of my own. It features the amazing Aubrey Ashburn accompanied by the City of Prague Philharmonic.” –Inon Zur

Into The Storm Track List:

1. Into the Storm [feat. Tina Guo & Caroline Campbell]
2. One More Day [feat. Arielle]
3. Shelaya Inon Zur [feat. Aubrey Ashburn]
4. Champions
5. Over the Stones of the Gray [feat. Mimi Page]
6. Fire Dance [feat. Aeralie Brighton]
7. Winter Song
8. Tale of a Knight [feat. Mimi Page]
9. Duel of Hearts [feat. Viodance & Michelle Packman]
10. Lament of Creide [feat. May Claire La Plante]
11. Far Away [feat. Arielle]
12. The Forest
13. Sun is Shining [feat. Lisbeth Scott]

Listen to Inon’s “Shelaya” here.

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