Inon Zur


Syberia 3 Vinyl Soundtrack

Fri September 15th

Inon’s Eastern European inspired soundtrack to Microïds’ and Anuman Interactive’s third installment of the award-winning Syberia Series is now finally available to pre-order on limited edition 180g clear and classic 180g black double vinyl and comes with exclusive liner notes by Inon and creator Benoît Sokal. It also includes the full soundtrack to Syberia 2 on Side D.

Pre-order vinyl here:

Syberia 3 OST

Syberia 2 OST

Inon’s score combines traditional Eastern European sounds (accordion, mandolin), a blend of Tuvan and Peruvian throat singing, primitive percussion and mechanical, metallic sound elements (steam organ) with orchestral performances by The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and emotional, dynamic, raw, tribal singing performed by Aeralie Brighton.

“For Syberia 3 I was inspired by the game’s heroic personal story about Kate Walker from New York who sacrifices her well-being to fight for the Youkol tribe against dark eastern European forces. The musical score blends traditional orchestra with eastern European sounds to reflect this unusual, unique story, and Benoit Sokal’s signature artistic vision.” – Inon Zur

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