Inon Zur


Dragon Age II

“Great symphonic soundtrack…No matter which version you play, you will find the swooning orchestral soundtrack a treat.”

“Zur loads up with mythic themes, moaning choruses, symphonic heroism, villainous brass and the lilting violins and voices of the magical womenfolk. There’s a welcome sense of knightly chivalry to all of this as Zur conjures mythic, medieval-style melodies that keep his musical quest fresh.”
Film Music Magazine

“Inon has crafted a rather memorable follow-up with part one of the Dragon Age II soundtrack, a splendid journey into the fantasy realm with an exceptional composer at the helm.”

“What makes [Inon’s] score so fantastic is that even though it is a fantasy game he doesn’t treat it as such…The emotional motifs that carry the music are quite stunning.”
Film Music Media

“Inon Zur does it again with Dragon Age II. He satisfies everyone who enjoyed the first score with another epic sounding soundtrack. There’s no doubt that even if you aren’t a gamer but are into fantasy soundtracks, this should be right up your alley.”
Soundtrack Geek

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