Inon Zur


Eagle Flight

“Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks: Zur’s score soars.”
Classic FM

“Eagle Flight captures the pure majesty of flight through music, and even as I played I was looking forward to the possibility of this becoming available as a standalone soundtrack; a sentiment shared by numerous people in my chatroom watching my live streams of Eagle Flight…Some of my favorite game music of 2016 and easily one of my top three soundtracks of the year…The score is so soothing it’s like musical therapy and turns any commute into an adventure.”
Game Chronicles

“An amazing score accompanies you during your flight, and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Seriously, this game would be half of its experience without the music.”
PlayStation Nation

“Maybe the best soundtrack from a virtual reality game yet.”

“Amazing soundtrack.”
Comics & Gaming Magazine

“The music provides great support for the game but does not impose itself over the game experience.”
VR Today Magazine

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