Inon Zur


Fallout 76: Wastelanders

“The new soundtrack for the Fallout 76 expansion Wastelanders is, unsurprisingly, hauntingly beautiful. Inon Zur has masterfully crafted some incredible Fallout scores in recent years and continues to hit new heights with this latest addition.”

“It’s a new sound for a new era of Fallout 76. There’s an undeniable energy and sense of urgency on “Wastelanders Main Theme,” and fresh reed-instrument textures on “Wayward Souls” show how the in-game landscape has been altered. There’s a wildness and danger to these melodies; Appalachia may never be the same.

Stay Clear of the Space Station” recalls the best of Zur’s earlier work, and would’ve been right at home on the equally excellent Fallout 4 soundtrack. You can hear an ominous twinkling, evocative of far-off, unseen forces tampering and pulling the strings—powers like the Enclave, the Institute, and perhaps even the UFOs that have been sighted occasionally throughout the series. “What Kind of Future,” which has a similar feel, might well be my favorite track here.

At 6:20, “Wandering Appalachia, Part 8” is the longest cut on Wastelanders. Sparse and spacious, with minimalist strings and spaghetti-Western guitars, it’s an exercise in understatement that I’ll be adding to my working-from-home playlist immediately.”

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