Inon Zur


Fallout 4

“His now legendary motif for the post-apocalyptic title has become synonymous with the Fallout franchise…the two chords are designed to reflect the duality of the game’s war-torn universe, reflecting despair and hope.”
BBC Radio 3

“Powerful theme…the score is brilliant.”
Game Informer

“Rousing score.”
FACT Mag  
(Best Videogame Soundtracks of 2015)

“It’s sophisticated, intriguing music and so atmospheric…stands alongside anything we’ve played on the show this year from movies.”
Classic FM  (Best Video Game Scores of 2015)

“Zur’s score for Fallout 4 is remarkably understated, emphasizing the loneliness of exploring the Commonwealth while also highlighting the slightly more optimistic tone that Fallout 4 carries when compared to its predecessors.”
 (Best Videogame Soundtracks of 2015)

“The soundtrack suits the tone perfectly…adding drama to simple exploration.”
The Telegraph

“[The] original score composed by Inon Zur presents a world that is brimming with atmosphere.”

“Writing nearly 4 hours of music to cater to the endless possibilities in an open wasteland is not an easy task. Having it actually shape and mold to your personal experiences is all the more impressive, not to mention the history and scope that he [Zur] effortlessly captures with his use of instrumentation and simple harmonic structures.”
Film Music Media

“Composer Inon Zur‘s Fallout 4 theme is just wonderful. I listen to it in full whenever I load the game up, and get chills every single time. It’s right up there with some of my favorite menu music such as…Dragon Age: Origins (also by Zur).”
Geeks of Doom

“[The] score from Inon Zur is fantastic.”

“The game’s score – that is, the composed background music – is awesome. It changes dynamically to match the situation, and it always fits well. There are some really gorgeous compositions in here.”

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