Inon Zur


Rift: Planes of Telara

“The score is monumental, with vocals powering select city themes and an encouraging theme livening battles.”

“Another strong adventure score by Inon Zur…This is epic fantasy scoring at its finest, with the kind of cinematic quality Zur has brought to so many projects.”
Film Score Monthly

“Inon Zur’s score to RIFT is a refreshing kick in the pants to the logic that MMO music must be predominantly ambient. Zur takes the player by his chain-mail armor and dares him to experience a solid and exciting score as opposed to simply ‘background music’… A fine listening experience outside of the confines of Telara.”
Original Sound Version

“A calling horn announces the imminent arrival of an invading force as the skies darken, instilling fear and excitement. Other rifts emit an unsettling drone that would make the legions of undead proud. Pounding drums kick battles off in style, as if setting the rhythm for your own quickening heartbeat.”

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