Inon Zur


Syberia 3

“Renowned composer Inon Zur (whose background includes the Fallout games, Dragon Age series, and even Syberia 2) delivers incredibly rich and memorable music. The beating percussion uplifts a sharp orchestra that exudes infectious melodies and harmonies, driving home the feeling of charting unknown territory in remote parts of Eastern Europe. I even found myself unconsciously humming these songs outside of the game. The great music coincides with a cold and grim, yet captivating atmosphere, creating a world that should be lived in.”

“Composer Inon Zur returns for the soundtrack that contains beautiful vocals ranging from the chilling singing of Aeralie Brighton to the eerie chanting of tribal voices…evokes the grand sound you’d find in old Russian symphonies or a spiritual etherealness. And it’s awesome to hear some tracks build with more layers as you get closer to solving key puzzles.”

“Wonderful soundtrack…Its soothing pieces guide the player through their journey and sets tranquil, lonesome and sinister moods depending on the situation. It truly fits the strange, surreal world of Syberia.”
The Koalition

“One of the prettiest [scores] I’ve heard in a hot second, one that would be right at home in a big-budget high-fantasy film.”
Comics Gaming Magazine

“Inon Zur pulls the strings of a soundtrack that already feels as immersive as it is inspired.”
Jeux Vidéo

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